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Star Trek: Voyager: Elite Force

( ~ ) sv_cheats 1 , . .

god .

noclip .

undying 999 , 999 .

cg_thirdperson 1 .

notarget .

map \# \# (. ).

give \# \# (. ).


BORG1 The Rescue; BORG2 Incursion; HOLODECK Tactical Decision; VOY1 Condition; VOY2 Unavoidable Delays; VOY3 Hazard Duty; VOY4 Defense; VOY5 Hazard Ops; STASIS1 Data Retrieval; STASIS2 Deep Echoes; STASIS3 Encounters; VOY6 Renewal; VOY7 Union; VOY8 Departure; SCAV1 The Visit; SCAV2 Dangerous Ground; SCAV3 Conflicting Views; SCAV3b Conflicting Views (. 2); SCAV4 Disorder; SCAV5 Infiltration; SCAVBOSS The Hunter; VOY9 Fallout; BORG3 Proving Ground; BORG4 Information; BORG5 Covenant; BORG6 Infestation; VOY13 R and R; VOY14 Visual Confirmation; VOY15 Offense; DN1 The Breach; DN2 Command; DN3 Primary Encounter; DN4 The Skirmish; DN5 Defensive Measures; TRAIN Transit; DN6 Attunement; DN8 Array; VOY16 Invasion; VOY17 Decisions; FORGE1 External Stimuli; FORGE2 Matrix; FORGE3 Onslaught ; FORGE4 Visual Magnitude; FORGE5 Dissolution; FORGEBOSS Command Decision; VOY20 Epilogue.


Phaser; Tetryon Disruptor; Compression Rifle; Scavenger Rifle; IMOD (infinity modulator); Tricorder; Health; Ammo; Weapons; All; Stasis Weapon; Grenade Launcher; Photon Burst; Dreadnought Weapon; Armor.

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