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Call of Duty 2

OptionsGame Options Enable Console Yes. ( ) developer 1. devmap.

give ammo ;

give all : , , ;

ufo ;

god ;

notarget ;

kill ;

jumptonode ;

noclip ;

jump_height X , X (39 , 128 );

timescale .5 .

, :

map libya Crusader Charge;

map duhoc_defend Defending the Point;

map demolition Demolition;

map downtown_assault Downtown Assault;

map elalamein El Alamein;

map decoytown Holding the Line;

map beltot Prisoners of War;

map trainyard Railroad Station No. 1;

map hill400_assault Rangers Lead the Way;

map moscow Red Army Training;

map tankhunt Repairing the Wire;

map toujane Retaking Toujane;

map cityhall Stalingrad City Hall;

map hill400_defend The Battle for Hill 400;

map duhoc_assault The Battle of Point Du Hoc;

map breakout The Brigade Box;

map rhine The Crossing Point;

map crossroads The Crossroads;

map decoytrenches The Diversionary Raid;

map eldaba The End of the Beginning;

map silotown The Silo;

map newvillers The Tiger.

, :

/seta mis_01 9 The Winter War;

/seta mis_02 9 The Battle of El Alamein;

/seta mis_03 9 Not One Step Backwards!;

/seta mis_04 9 Fortress Stalingrad;

/seta mis_05 9 The Tank Squadrons;

/seta mis_06 9 Rommel's Last Stand;

/seta mis_07 9 D-Day;

/seta mis_08 9 The Battle for Caen;

/seta mis_09 9 Hill 400;

/seta mis_10 9 Crossing the Rhine.

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